Get to know National Audio Company

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In the heart of America is a company who has specialized in audio media and reproduction for 40 years. Our customers are diverse and include national organizations for the blind, libraries of all kinds, and the production of books and magazines on tape and digital media. National Audio Company’s Cassette Duplication Department specializes in producing releases of music and other audio for bands around the world.

Here is an introduction to our departments:

National Audio Customer Service and Administration

NAC maintains the principle that every customer deserves respect and stellar customer service. Daily we put together custom orders of products and services, and work with our clients to produce the most satisfying audio reproductions in the best looking packages. After 40-years of experience with cassette tapes and audio duplication, National Audio Company knows the format inside and out. We are a supplier to the largest music labels, national libraries and publishers, as well as smaller organizations, and hundreds of independent bands and record labels.


Graphic Design Department ensures the imprint and cover artwork look great.

The National Audio Graphic Design Department refines the artwork supplied by our customers for imprint and packaging elements for cassettes and for digital media duplication. Skilled design staff, paying attention to every detail, results in professional quality in the LOOK of your audio release to accompany the high-performance sound that is achieved by our Audio Engineering and Production staff. Accurate templates are supplied to the customer and we consult the user on how to achieve the best results. Full graphic design services are also available.


Audio Mastering Department optimizes the sound quality for analog reproduction.

At the mastering stage, your audio will go through extensive analysis to determine how the master should be adjusted and optimized for analog tape duplication. Considerations include adjusting digital levels with regard to analog reference levels, balancing loudness versus tape saturation, controlling excessive high/low frequency content when necessary, encoding with Dolby B noise reduction as requested, notifying the customer of any glitches that are discovered, etc. The final production master is burned onto an archive-quality CD-R and stored at NAC for future reorders.


Audio Production

The duplication of cassette tapes is the bulk of the audio production work done by National Audio Company, but we have also expanded our capabilities in the areas of Analog-to-Digital Conversion, CD and DVD Duplication, and the delivery of audio publications on flash media.

In each case the process begins with the analysis and adjustment of the sound. Once remastered, the master is loaded into the appropriate equipment to mass-produce the media as exact duplicates to your specified length and needs.


Cassette Duplication Department

To duplicate a run of cassette tapes, whether fifty tapes or tens of thousands, National Audio produces them on professional tape recording and manufacturing equipment.  First, the mastered audio is recorded onto open-reel tape, each cassette-length tape separated by a cue tone to signal the cassette loading machines. At the same time, the empty shells are imprinted with the customer’s artwork on Apex imprinting machinery. When both tape and shell are ready, the reels of tape are threaded into Concept Design 9000 loaders, which automatically splice the taped program onto the leaders inside empty cassettes, and spool the tape into the shells. The National Audio Facility is capable of producing 100,000 duplicated cassettes a day. That’s enough cassettes in a year – if placed end-to-end – to reach all the way from our plant in Springfield Missouri to Los Angeles.


Cassette Packaging

Depending on the order, after the cassettes are loaded, they may then go to be labeled by automated equipment, hand-packed with J-Cards supplied by the Graphic Design Department, or even labeled with braille for audio publications to be sent to blind people. A variety of packaging options are available, and each order is treated individually. Every department maintains high quality-control standards so the sound and look of your tapes are what you want.


Distribution and Mailing Department

Warehousing and distribution is another core competency for National Audio Company.  Truckloads of cassette tapes and other media leave our facility daily. NAC also produces small orders of cassettes for bands and organizations and ships them all over the world. To accompany our sales of blank audio media of all kinds, we sell recording and disk printing equipment, most of which is distributed from our Springfield, Missouri location.