The history of National Audio Company

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When the cassette tape was King of the music duplication world, National Audio was playing a big part by supplying high-performance tapes. As analog music publishers shifted their concentration to digital media, or died out altogether, NAC was happy to inherit the position of both cassette manufacturer and America’s primary source of cassette duplication. We are committed long-term to the format.

Our audio mastering department optimizes the sound of everything from audiobooks to experimental music to “death metal”. The magnetic tape format provides a broader spectrum of sound, and impressed the listener with what many call a “warmer sound” than digital reproduction. As we manufacture your run of tapes, we also remaster your audio from any original format so that the results are worthy of the picky audiophile.


National Audio is committed, long term, to the cassette format. We have made the investment in equipment and staff to fulfill that commitment. On a typical day, NAC ships 10-20 audiobooks, 2-3 audio magazines, and numerous individual orders for 100 to 10,000 cassettes. Our six production lines regularly manufacture 50,000 to 100,000 cassettes daily.

With our normal production we have the capacity to produce about half-a-million cassettes a week. That is enough per year to make a solid line of cassettes from our facility in Springfield Missouri to Los Angeles!

Whatever your needs, NAC is dedicated long-term to serving you. Please contact Jessica Kemna or myself for information or quotations.

Steve Stepp, President