Duplication Order Form Help Guide

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CassetteDupOrderGuide2Section A: Customer Information

Customer and Contact Names refer to the record label, company or individual submitting the order.

NAC Customer ID# is your account number at National Audio. Once you have finished an order, it is how you are identified in our accounting system. Leave blank if unknown.

Customer Purchase Order # –  This is for the customer to track purchases for accounting.

Desired ship date Orders are completed on a first-come-first-served basis. If you have a specific date you’d like to receive your tapes, we can try to work with you within reason.


Section B: Project Information

Identify your recorded project completely here.

Artist – The performer of the recording.

Title – The name of the album. This and the catalog ID# help us distinguish one recording by an artist from another.

Quantity – The number of tapes you are ordering.

New Master or Reorder Your original master is remastered specifically for the tape format. Reorders can be produced in a much shorter time.

Catalog ID# Many labels keep track of their releases by using a unique code. This gives both NAC and the customer a reference.


Section C: Master Information

Original Master Format – This refers to how you will be submitting your project.

Program Ready Audio – Each Cassette has two programs. Program A is Side A and Program B is Side B. Providing “program-ready” audio files means that if a side contains more than a single track/song, those tracks should be combined into one audio file in the correct order.
i.e. Program A/Side A = track 1+ gap + track 2 + gap + … track 13. Gaps between tracks are not required but most artists prefer a 2 second gap between tracks.
Both programs should be in 44.1 kHz/16-bit format.

Duration (Runtime) A/B: –  This refers to the length in minutes and seconds your project is on each side of the cassette.

Same Audio Both Sides –  Mark YES if you want the same audio on both sides of the cassette.

Apply Dolby B NR This is a noise reduction option. If your equipment is not equipped with Dolby, mark NO.

Test Cassette Required Check YES if you would like a test cassette (audio only produced on the type of tape you order) sent for approval before the order goes to production. We will not continue with your order until the test cassette has been approved.

Send Test Cassette Via We send test cassettes out via First Class Mail for free. If you wish for it to be sent to you via another option at your cost, please mark other.


Section D: This section is for NAC use only.


Section E: Cassette Information

Tape Type This refers to the type of tape you would like your audio duplicated onto. Any question, refer to the Which Tape Is Right For You instruction page.

Cassette Shell Color This refers to the color of the shell you would like your tape loaded in.

Imprint Type This refers to where you want your imprinting located (2 separate designs – A/B, Same design on both sides – A/A, or Design placed on Side A only).

Imprint Ink Color Please consult the ink color options and the referral guide to which shells work with which ink colors.

If you are intending to use Labels instead of Ink Imprinting, please mark Laser Labels and indicate if it is A/B, A/A or Side A only. Otherwise, please mark NONE.

Braille label  for our customers whose clientele are blind.

Machine roll labels – for larger quantity orders.


Section F: Packaging Information

Inserts Please notate here if you:

Want J-Cards

Will send your own J-Cards

Want 3, 4 and 5 panel J-Cards (front and back) Now we also offer 6, 7 and 8 panel
J-Cards and 3, 4 and 5-panel U-Cards. Ask for a template.

O-Cards are the traditional card sleeve for a “Cassingle”.

Casing This refers to the type of box your cassette can be placed in. Please notate if you want Norelco’s (hard plastic) or Soft Poly boxes.

Wrap If you would like your project to be overwrapped (cellophane) with or without a tear strip. Shrinkwrap is used on Cassingles, and when bricks of bulk tapes are needed.


Section G: Comments

Please note here any special instructions needed for the order.


Section H & I: Billing Information

Bill To Please list the billing address (where we need to send all invoices) and mark to the right side if this is where your credit card statement is sent.
If it is not, please provide this information in the comment section and mark NO. If you are not sure, please contact your credit card or bank to verify. If we receive an address/zip code mismatch, we have to void the transaction and it could take 24+ hours for the bank to recognize the void and remove the hold from your account.

Ship To This refers where we are shipping the project. If there are multiple addresses, please not the quantity and addresses in the comment section.


Section J: Shipping Information

Blind Shipment Please mark Yes if you are sending the project to someone who is not aware that we are manufacturing the cassettes for you.

Return Master This refers to if you have sent a physical master in and would like us to return it to either the Bill To or Ship To address. If you want to us to keep the master or have sent in a master electronically please mark Hold at NAC.


Section K: Payment Information

Beginning at the first of 2014 payment is required before a project is worked on by the Audio and Design departments at NAC. When we have received all the pieces of your project, we will send a PayPal invoice so that you can pay easily online.

Your credit card information will also be more secure with this method. If you wish to use a PayPal account that uses a different email address than the one you’ve already listed, please enter it here.


Here is a link to the current Cassette Duplication Order Form.

NAC Cassette Duplication Order Form

And if you need a quote, use the NAC Quote Request Form.

NAC Quote Request Form

(Save the forms to your computer, fill out, and email to jkemna@nactape.com)