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Ordering Cassette Duplication

Getting your audio project onto cassette tape starts with your original audio master and a few careful steps to plan your sound and your packaging. If you follow the Pre-submission checklist, you’ll get the most professional results.

A few decisions to make are:

  • The color and design of the cassette itself.
  • The Norelco box (or other package) and inserts you will design for it.

To help you plan and complete your duplication order, we have made a PDF document with guidelines for your project and links to all the templates and documents you may need. If you read through it, you will be able to submit your cassette duplication order perfectly.

NAC Duplication Guidelines document

Order forms and quote request forms are available here as PDF files. Save them to your computer and fill them out using Adobe Acrobat or Reader. We have found that forms filled and saved in the Mac application Preview do not show us all the information you enter. Export your form as a JPEG or PDF if you are using a PDF reader other than the Adobe Acrobat products. You may return them digitally signed by email, or print the completed form, sign and fax to National Audio Company.


Please note:

Before your order can go into our lineup, we must have all elements of your project: your order form, IPR form, artwork and audio.  Our turnaround time for your project is based on this. We start the calendar when we have received everything for your project. If we receive the audio/artwork and then receive the paperwork 2 weeks later, we will start the calendar at that time.

Thank you,
Jessica Kemna
Cassette Project Coordinator


More information:

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